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Jake Morrison

Advantages of Elixir vs Golang

A prospect recently asked me what the advantages are of Elixir over Golang. The simple answer is productivity. You get the best of both worlds: the productivity of a high level language with the scaling power of the mature Erlang platform. For financial and health care applications, there is also … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Is Elixir/Phoenix ready for production?

How I evaluated Elixir in 2014 when we were deciding whether it was mature enough Read more…

Jake Morrison

What makes a language popular?

In the recent HackerRank developer survey, we can see "Which languages do employers look for by industry?" and "Which languages are developers planning to learn next?" In terms of popularity, there is a definite swing to JavaScript and Python. In terms of mind share with language enthusiasts, not so much … Read more…

Jake Morrison

Is it time for Lisp in DevOps?

We have been working on a project migrating a big Rails app from physical hardware to AWS, and I have been doing a lot of automation work. It strikes me how we are doing the same thing over and over with different tools: reading variables, templating files and running semi-declarative … Read more…


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