Developing software in early stage companies is challenging because of the inherent uncertainty of new products, combined with limited resources. With experience gained in hundreds of projects, we have created a lean development process which lets us quickly and efficiently develop products.

We start with user-focused product definition to make sure we are solving real problems for customers and focusing on the most important results. We define user personas and high level goals, then create user stories which identify how the product will help make them successful. Next we define the operations use cases which describe how the business "system" works and define the ideal user experience.

When that's clear, we prioritize stories and create an initial product iteration. We build on this base, adding use cases until we reach the product which we can bring to market. You can use the product in development to validate the solution with customers, raise funding, and sign up business partners.

This gets you to product-market fit with the maximum speed and minimum budget. We focus on the key milestones for your business to maximize your value at each funding stage, helping you to establish credibility by showing that you can get things done and giving you more leverage. You need less (or no) outside money, preserving control in your company.