We have done hundreds of projects since we started in 2005. Following is a selection
of projects which show what we can do. Some of our best customers and partners
consider us to be their secret weapon, and we can't list them here, but they refer us
to their friends, so we are happy.


We are not just a pretty face, we have deep technical and domain experience in a range of industries.

  • Health care
  • SaaS and e-commerce
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Financial services
  • Telecom and network services
  • Vehicle tracking and applications
  • Enterprise application integration and B2B
  • Voice and video communications
  • IoT and embedded systems

Health2Sync website

For Health2Sync, we wrote a diabetes management app which shares data from blood glucose sensors to doctors and family members via a mobile app (Techcrunch). We wrote the initial mobile apps, web and admin applications. We enhanced the system until they raised an investment round, then transitioned development to their team

ClickMedix app

For ClickMedix we wrote a mobile medical app which connect patients with specialists. Doctors submit cases using a mobile app, and specialists review on the web or mobile and recommend treatment. We took over a prototype and built a complete product, deploying it to the cloud in a HIPAA compliant system. We did extensive integration and customization, e.g. integration with billing, EMR/EHR and e-prescriptions services, as well as white label apps for health care companies

GigaDB website

For GigaDB we built a database of medical research datasets, featuring extensive custom search, content management and large file management

For StrokeFlow we are building an app to track and optimize the time-critical initial treatment process for stroke patients

Audi sales app

For Audi Taiwan we built a custom app to manage and optimize the sales process and integrated it with their customer relationship and management systems. We helped them clean and analyze customer data to provide insights into buyers and the sales process

Rimowa Taiwan website

For Rimowa Taiwan, the luxury luggage and accessories brand, we built their first online shopping site and a custom POS system for their physical stores

LinkPub website

For LinkPub we built a mobile content management system platform for news apps. It lets media companies quickly create high quality private branded apps to target vertical markets. We wrote the Android app and built a custom content management system (CMS) and scalable content delivery platform

Vetter website

For Vetter, a SaaS product for employee suggestions and feedback, we took over development of their web app, enhanced it and added a mobile app

DTCO website

For DTCO, an industrial Blockchain service provider focused on supply chain and pharmaceutical industries, we built web and admin systems

EMQ website

For EMQ, an international funds transfer service, we helped define the product, wrote the initial prototype mobile apps and backend, and helped with fundraising. After they raised an A round, we helped transition development to their internal team

Digbil website

For Digbil, a provider of digital menu board and other solutions for quick service restaurants, we implemented a WYSIWYG CMS and consulted on integrated services for restaurants, e.g. POS integration

PhD Movie website

For PhD Movie, the movie based on the popular PhD Comics, we built a custom e-commerce site with protected online streaming and download

New Cars DB app

For New Cars DB, we built the Android version of their car information and news app

Chess U iPhone app

For Chess U, we built a chess learning application / custom e-book player for annotated Chess games. It features in-app purchase, notifications for new content, data sync and multi-user back-end authoring / publication system

62Icon website

For 62 Icon we built a marketplace for custom printing on physical objects, featuring WYSIWYG editor, artist profiles, royalty accounting, affiliate management, payments, print job management, invoicing, abuse management, etc. website is a domain broker offering auctions and monetization services. When they bought the current site, we migrated it to new hosting, consolidating multiple physical servers. We optimized it to use less resources and reskinned it, then added additional features and performance optimizations to handle load

ProTPMS website

For ProTPMS, manufacturer of aftermarket tire pressure monitoring products, we built mobile apps which communicate via Bluetooth to control the programmer which writes firmware to sensors. We added server side applications to manage data updates and analytics about usage

Rhino Chess Facebook app

For Rhino Chess, we built a Facebook app for Chess featuring interactive realtime and asynchronous games, challenges, etc.

SuperThief Facebook app

For SuperThief, we built a complete Mafia Wars-style Facebook app

OEM Projects

We have implemented many projects through partners where we are under NDA. This is as much as we can say about them on the web:

  • A complete MOOC (Massive Open Online Courseware) system
  • A custom Android launcher for a major Taiwan handset manufacturer
  • A "digital notebook" mobile app for a major Taiwan handset manufacturer
  • A kids games app platform / "kid mode" for a major Taiwan handset manufacturer
  • A car video recorder application with a Bluetooth interface to the engine management system (OBD2)
  • A mobile app to manage a personal network storage device for a major Taiwan manufacturer
  • An app for a major expo, with maps, augmented reality, QR code scanning, events, bulletin board system, etc
  • An app to generate PDF forms based on a decision tree, including signature capture
  • A half-dozen fan apps for musicians
  • A kids game like "Mr. Potato Head"

Embedded Linux and Appliances

  • An IP-PBX appliance product with a web GUI to manage all functions, including VoIP, firewall, DHCP, email and other network services
  • An embedded communications and control platform for public transport and logistics applications with GPS, GPRS, WiFi, digital I/O and interface to passenger information displays
  • An embedded GPS/GPRS vehicle tracker device with SMS-bootstrapping, over-the-air configuration and remote firmware update
  • A logo inserter and video "playout" server for the broadcast television industry
  • A platform for integrated IP-based building automation, combining video surveillance with data acquisition and control systems
  • A system to monitor monitoring health of cell phone towers (MSC)
  • An industrial fire detection system

Proxor website

For Proxor (a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff), a service offering AI based assessment tests for programmers, we built the website to manage sales of test vouchers via agents, user registration, cloud based exams, virtual machine management, etc.

Glory Days Basketball website

For Glory Days Basketball, we built an amateur Basketball league community site with stats like the NBA

Academy website

For Academy, a language school, we built a complete operations management system handling payments, invoicing, staff scheduling, workflow, printing schedules, etc.

Adonit website

For Adonit, manufacturer of iPad accessories, we built custom e-commerce system and transitioned to their internal team.

Bid and Buy website

For Bid and Buy we built a a real-time bidding "penny auction" site. We rescued their business when their old technology stack was unable to handle the load after they became more successful. We implemented an auction server in Erlang using websockets to limit communication load as it scaled to tens of thousands of simultaneous users. We built an extensive administration system to manage back office logistics, analytics, marketing, and anti-fraud. We created a real-time mobile client to let users bid on auctions from anywhere.

Azure Professional website

For Azure Professional, a manufacturer of beauty products, we built a custom e-commerce system

Biopeutic website

For Biopeutic, a manufacturer of natural cosmetics and skin care products, we built a custom e-commerce system

Ron Davis iOS app

We built a mobile fan app for jazz artist Ron Davis

Modern Godown website

For Modern Godown, a 3rd-party warehouse operator, we built a custom warehouse management system supporting their core warehouse and back office operations

EasyIndie website

For Easy Indie we built a platform for musicians to automatically generate their own fan apps apps and web profiles

Liten website

For LitenVoice we built the custom operations and billing systems that run their business

Surf Said Fred website

For Surf Said Fred we built a community website and mobile app for surfers and beach communities in Australia. It helps surfers determine whether the surf's up with weather and tide information, as well as collaborative surf reports from users. It has extensive location-based search information for local businesses as well as social networking and community features, Facebook and Twitter integration

For AGP Telecom we built an integrated voice-over-IP (VoIP) product suite for next-generation telecom services providers. Products included controller, IP-PBX/interactive voice response, voicemail, multi-conference unit, provisioning server, firewall traversal/VPN server, IP phones and gateways.

We developed an IP-PBX appliance product for SMEs, with a web GUI to manage all functions, including VoIP, firewall, DHCP, email, and other network services

Irene Atman website

For Irene Atman, the Jazz diva, we created an artist web page with audio and video streaming