Bot Developer

Bots are the next frontier of application development.

You will build scalable network services and machine learning systems. You will work on systems handling over a billion requests a day, generating lots of interesting data.

Web Developer

Our primary languages for new development are Elixir/Phoenix and Ruby on Rails. Most of our work is on new projects. We also take over customer applications from legacy platforms like PHP, Java and .NET and rewrite them.

For senior positions, you should have solid skills and understanding about how to build web applications, e.g. how HTTP works and influences application performance.

This is a good opportunity for you to learn Elixir or put your skills to work on real production applications.

Mobile Developer

You will build cutting-edge iPhone and Android applications for whatever the hot application area is for startups this week.

We believe in using native development and platform specific features to give the best user experience.

Join an experienced team of Android and iPhone developers and take your skills to the next level.

IoT Developer

You will build scalable and secure embedded applications. Our focus is on taking advantage of the low cost platforms created from "cell phone wars" to build applications using higher level languages like Elixir.

We generally build appliances and large embedded systems, but we also interface with microcontrollers where it makes sense.

We mostly work at the highest level we can, but you should have the ability to drop down to C and C++ when necessary and debug system level issues. You should have experience with embedded Linux systems, network programming, wireless communications, GPS, and/or video.

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